Action Ops: Snow & Sable Slots

We never thought we'd be playing a female version of Black Panther set in the future with a nice twin involved and great payouts! This one came out of left field for us in that way. It's a big step up from some of the games we've seen Microgaming put out, and we are thankful for the effort! Set in a time far off with all kinds of crazy gadgets and action going on, this game plays like a concept for a movie where the hero/villain looks something like a naughtie pair of Cat Women.

The art style here is accordingly off the charts, being good enough to be featured on TV or in a series. Animations are great as well, making it feel very vibrant and alive. The betting is also no slouch, although the simple nature of it may be off putting for some. We enjoyed each and every spin spite all of that, however, which is the sign of a good game at the end of the day, as well as your bank balance being higher than when you started, which it was in our case! We are known to be lucky though.

If you're looking for something that is high on the thematic elements, love action movies, and things that involve sexy law enforcement agents from the future taking out equally if not sexier villains, then they made a game which will brighten your day and blow up your wallet. If you're looking for something more involved on the gameplay front, however, and love progressive jackpots as much as we do, then we're not sure how well this one's going to hold up for you. We had a good time, and recommend you at least give it a try for that reason!

The Main Theme Tying the Game Together

This game comes together as a random smattering of things you've seen done elsewhere across Hollywood Sci-Fi cinema, but is no less good for that reason. Things like Blade Runner, the Fifth Element, and even the cartoon Batman series set in the future are all obvious things that this game draws on for its visual style and flair. Set entirely in the future and featuring a somewhat super hero taking on her villainous and sexy counterpart, this game does a lot of things that have been done well before, but does them well and keeps them sexy. We nod our hat to it for that reason.

Things We Liked the Most

The theme and art style here are clearly the stars of the show. They hit that part out of the park, assuming they still have parks in the future and not just VR versions of them with added smell sprays to get the hobo urine smell just right. At least in the parks around us! Back to the point, the creativity here is off the charts, and it's all exciting looking enough not to give you any issues while playing it. You'll be thankful for looking at this one and spending the time, feeling like a good low budget animated action film.

We also enjoyed how many free spins came up, which is obviously to offset what we didn't like about the game...

Things We Didn't Much Care For

The gameplay here is pretty barebones. We're not talking about the suits of playing cards that are here for reasons unknown, either. There aren't any multipliers to speak of, and the special features in general are lacking. This keeps the fun of things on the lower end because you're basically just going through the motions with this one, for better or worse.

The Overall Presentation in the Game

They clearly put everything they had into this, and it all paid off. It's good enough to be the premise of an actual film or comic book, and were the source material not an online casino game, we could easily see that being made one day! The renderings of the futuristic tech all look great, the only things lacking here on the visual front being the inclusion of stale looking suits of cards, and the leading women looking a little bit odd with the whole cat ear thing. Worked for Nicole Kidman as Catwoman, but they are no Nicole Kidman, nor Catwoman.

How the Core Gameplay of This One Holds Up

This is a simple game that looks exactly like it's going to play. Don't expect almost any bonus features or even multipliers here. It's fast paced, bare bones, and focused all on the graphics of the game in a way that's clearly intentional. That's not bad per say, but outside of some free spins, don't expect much to happen with this one outside of spinning again and again.

Our Experience When We Played It

We got sucked in by the art style and spent most of our spins checking it out and admiring it. During that time it became clear that there's not much actual action in a game titled after that very thing, however, and it didn't hold our interest for long after we realized that.

Our Verdict on Whether or Not Action Ops: Snow & Sable Slots is Worth Your Time

We played Action Ops: Snow & Sable Slots a bunch, and overall, we feel that it's a great visual premise that's burning to be put over the top of a solid game with decent mechanics. What they did instead, however, was master the art style and phone in the gameplay. Don't go into this one expecting any action. Instead, expect a Saturday morning cartoon vibe in its simplicity, and a focus on making it easy to pick up, but on that same note, easy to put down in that very same way. It's still worth giving a try today, however, and we don't hold that against it!