Showdown Saloon Slots

They don’t make as many games as they used to that are set in the old west. We’re not quite sure why this is. This is a wonderful time period with rich visual imagery that ticks all the right boxes for us as well as many others. You have outlaws, money, crime, heroes, and lots of guns all over the place. There’s even gambling all around, and people are rarely seen without a drink while having a good time. For us, that in and of itself is a good time, and we wish we could see more games like this!

This game clearly was made by someone that loves the old west itself, being a love letter to the theme, and rendered with that in mind. Everything about it comes together perfectly as an homage to that era of human history, right down to the wonderfully rendered handgun, and the nice attention to detail when it comes to the lettering on the suits of cards. They really spared no expense when it came to the finer aspects of this game, and it feels very authentic for that reason. If you are in old West fan, you will absolutely love this game, which perfectly describes us!

For everyone else, however, this will still be a good time. Sure, there aren’t a whole bunch of crazy jackpots to keep you guessing, but there are enough good times to be had here with rapid fire winning and spinning. This is a more accessible game for that reason, lacking a learning curve, it being something that you always feel like you could productively jump into. If you’re looking for something with a little more depth to the gameplay, you won’t find it here. You will find, however, a wonderful Western that will pay you for the time you spent enjoying it!

The Main Theme Tying the Game Together

This game is all about being out at the saloon in the old West in old-time California. Everything about it is perfectly centered around that era of human history, taking all its visual cues from there, and adding a nice modern sense of visual style that makes it all look very good. It’s all about guns, booze, gambling, and testing your luck. This theme is perfectly suited for an online casino game, as you can tell! It’s also fittingly grungy. Or is it rustic? We’re not quite sure, maybe it’s a little of both!

Things We Liked the Most

We actually like the gameplay above all about this, despite really enjoying the graphics. The mystery stacks feature is authentically fun, and it all plays quick enough that it almost feels like a game of quick draw when it comes to winning money! Of course, right after that, we were sucked in by the graphics themselves. They have a nice, authentic look to them that is in stark contrast with the modern things that we tend to see every day. It makes for a nice break from all of that, and a nice return the form for the genre as well as our eyes!

Things We Didn’t Much Care For

We did not much care for the lack of a progressive jackpot, which made the whole thing lack a little bit of importance to us. It’s not enough to take away from the experience entirely, but the stakes certainly did not feel high when we were playing this one. If they had added that little detail, it would have compelled us to stay for longer play sessions. As it is, the theme was the only thing that held our interest after a long time.

The Overall Presentation in the Game

They clearly did a wonderful job at the graphics here, it looking like it really could be set in the old west itself. Nothing here looks out of place, and it is all perfectly rendered and executed. They spent a lot of time making it all look rustic, all of the graphics are stylized to fit together, and the color scheme is one of the best we’ve ever seen when it comes to tackling this particular topic.

How the Core Gameplay of This One Holds Up

The game play itself is very tight. You’re focused entirely on spinning, there is little to distract you, and every once in a while a wonderful bonus feature pops up. If that’s the kind of thing you’re in for, this game has you covered. Nothing about it is going to surprise you, and the betting amounts are low enough that you’ll never feel too pressured.

Our Experience When We Played It

We played it for a good long while, staying quite a bit longer than we had anticipated. The graphics really do have a lot of detail to them, and grow on you very quickly. The color scheme is wonderful, and it all looks very good once it’s set in motion. We ended up making a little more that we put into it, which also brightened our spirits, and potentially, our opinion of the game!

Our Verdict on Whether or Not Showdown Saloon Slots is Worth Your Time

We played Showdown Saloon Slots a bunch, and overall, we feel that it is one of the best western games on the market, despite being a seemingly low budget affair. There’s just something about the way that they captured the motif’s present in that era of history that makes it worthwhile. Whether you were looking for long play sessions or short ones, there will be a lot to gnaw your teeth on here, and it all comes together very well. We had a wonderful time, it was a lot of fun, and we recommend it to anyone that’s taken the time to read this review!