King Winalot Slots

The title of this game alone builds certain expectations. We went into this game expecting that same level of inventiveness, creativity, and zest to be found in every pixel on the screen, and every digital coin that found its way into our wallet. This unfortunately was not the case, however, despite having a decent time when we did play it. Although it is a very good game when it comes to the concepts that they put forth, they did not quite execute them in the way we would have liked, and it all feels somewhat copied and pasted from elsewhere aside from a few reasonably drawn faces.

The game itself plays very well, and tends to go by very quickly. There’s not a whole lot to it that is going to keep you interested, however, which is a big problem in a game like this. The bonus round is quite inventive, and it does make for a nice diversion, but all of this does feel very much like it was done before, and unfortunately better in some of the other games. It really is too bad, as the title made us have very high hopes for a game like this!

Putting aside those elements, it is still a decent investment if you’ve made it all the way here. It tends to pay out very well, the betting amounts are never going to break the bank, and the winnings tend to come up often enough to keep you glued very firmly to your seat. We’re not sure that you will win a lot like the title has promised, but you will have a very decent time, and there’s only one way to find out how much you are going to win, which starts with just a single spin!

The Main Theme Tying the Game Together

This game is all about money, and royalty. At least that is our take on it. Sure, the title obviously gives the royalty aspect of it away, but there really isn’t much about this game that ties it into that. The king himself doesn’t make as much of an appearance as you would think, and we’re not quite sure that a bunch of treasure really counts as a royal theme. It’s still a very fun game, and makes for some very vibrant imagery, but it all feels somewhat disjointed it that way. Almost like an excuse to have suits of playing cards and character portraits.

Things We Liked the Most

The thing about this game that we had the most fun with definitely has to be the way the wild and scatter symbols work. They come pretty often, and it is kind of fun to see the king all come together the more of him that you get. Aside from that, and we definitely would have to say that the theme itself is somewhat fine, albeit executed in a way that is not up to par.

Things We Didn’t Much Care For

We say this with love, but this game definitely needs to have some added features put into it to keep it interesting. It’s severely lacking things like progressive jackpots, or other goodies they keep you feeling like you’re edging closer to a big payout. When you add to that the fact that Rival Gaming has chosen to keep the coin sizes fairly small, and you don’t make for a game that has particularly high stakes. It’s not necessarily a bad game, and we definitely had a very good time with it. It is not a game that is going to wow you in many ways, however, which we should put it out there upfront before you invest.

The Overall Presentation in the Game

This game looks OK, but we think a lot of the imagery is very disjointed. The character portraits are all very well drawn, the colors are perfect, and it was clearly made by someone with a lot of talent. The way it all thematically ties together, however, is somewhat lacking. None of the characters really feel all that much like royalty, except for the jester, ironic though that may be! Everyone looks somewhat generic otherwise, and if the king didn’t have that slight crown, you’re probably have absolutely no idea who he was or what his purpose is. It is well produced, but a bit of a mess, like many of the Marvel Avengers movies.

How the Core Gameplay of This One Holds Up

It definitely plays thing safe and keeps it all very Spartan, being a low budget affair that would prefer players play for longer periods of time, rather than having really big payouts in a very short period. This means that whether or not it will appeal to you will depend on the style of play you enjoy with these games as far as how much time you’re willing to put into it.

Our Experience When We Played It

We sat down for a short period of time, and ended up breaking even by the end. We didn’t find a whole lot about this game to sink our teeth into, and it didn’t feel like it had a whole lot of depth. It seems like it was trying, but it just wasn’t there.

Our Verdict on Whether or Not King Winalot Slots is Worth Your Time

We played King Winalot Slots a bunch, and overall, we feel that this is a decent game that is well worth a try, but will likely not make it onto your radar very often. It’s a fun time and well-made, but doesn’t quite have that magic that you would expect from a game that you would spend long hours with. As a nice diversion, and for some variety, however, we recommend you try it immediately!