Yak Yeti and Roll Slots

Yak Yeti and Roll Slots
This is one of those rare games that has so much heart and enthusiasm to it that you won’t care how much you win or lose, you’ll be having that good of a time! Every single pixel on the entire screen oozes with charm and character, being a love letter to the player, and making you feel like you’re being given the respect you deserve. We had a blast with this one, thanks in no small part to the high quality production values and all else that went into this fine game that resulted from it.

The gameplay is also not left behind in the cold, either. There are many a multiplier here for you to enjoy, and they are all cumulative and casade. This makes the game of matching things an actual ‘game’ on par with what we sink countless hours into, and not a throwaway affair that you’d be emabrrassed to be seen with if it didn’t pay out well. The frozen theme also holds many a surprise for you as well, with plenty to reveal on the winnings front that will make you smile!

Games like this can only be described as a complete package, making our hat firmly off to Betsoft for making us a nice hit to enjoy in our free time. With an off the wall theme, an out of this world art style, and enough going on with the gameplay to keep you happy and busy forever, this one will be on the top of your list for quite some time during your slot going rounds! We recommend it to anyone and everyone that finds any of that enticing, and is looking for a real gem in the genre after having searched so far and wide for it.

The Main Theme Tying the Game Together

This game’s kind of about the snow. There’s Yeti and snow mobiles and all kinds of crazy stuff, but the main theme is crazy things going on in the snow that look cute and nice and we like everything about that. It’s like the Dreamworks version of Disney’s Frozen, adding a bunch of humor to things and looking fairly decent along the way.

Things We Liked the Most

The sense of style in this game is certainly enticing, but this game’s mechanics make it really stand out from the pack for us. The way multipliers work, for example, in the cascading fashion is a very enticing thing to keep you spinning, and makes things far more involved than they otherwise would have been if they’d left all of that stuff out.

This still makes for a great game to look at on the visual front, however, being a surefire hit for anyone that enjoys bright and colorful things.

Things We Didn’t Much Care For

One thing we didn’t like was definitely the low betting amounts, and the lack of a progressive jackpot looming over the entire thing to make you feel like you’re on the cusp of something great when it comes to a big payout. The payouts still come fast and furiously enough to keep it all interesting, but the coin amounts are low enough that you’re going to have to keep at them for a very long time to get anything out of it worth getting.

The Overall Presentation in the Game

They did a wonderful job here, sparing no expense on anything, and all of it will make you smile. There’s a nice visual sense of humor here that you don’t see too often in these games. They show people and creatures doing funny things, rather than just putting an awkward smile on someone or something doing mundane things that aren’t all that interesting. It’s a big step that makes it all wonderful to look at, which makes it more of a joy to play.

How the Core Gameplay of This One Holds Up

Thanks to the cascading multipliers, this game ends up being far more interesting than it has any right to. They didn’t do all that much here out of the ordinary when it comes to the betting amounts or anything like that, but everything works great enough that you’ll have a wonderful time having what spins you do make rack up the winnings in place of the sorely lacking jackpots. Each spin is a mini jackpot in that way.

Our Experience When We Played It

We sat down and smiled quite wide and frequently for how it all looks. It’s a joy in that sense, and we had no issues with the way it played. When we realized the multipliers add up quickly, however, we got sucked in, and made enough to take a week off!

Our Verdict on Whether or Not Yak Yeti and Roll Slots is Worth Your Time

We played Yak Yeti and Roll Slots a bunch, and overall, we feel that it’s a decent game that will hold your interest and keep you playing for a long time. If you are put off by the visuals, you likely have bad taste, as we think this is one of the best looking ones in the business. Being a gem to behold and a joy to play, there isn’t much about it that we feel should put off most players.

If you’re into big jackpots, this one may leave you wanting, but know that there’s still plenty of money and surprises to be had here that will keep you coming back time and again if you’re willing to take the risk with your very first spin. Why not give it a go right now? We’ll wait and won’t judge you. It’s what we’d do!